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Founder Friday - April 27, 2018

Once again, we join our company founder James Wilson for another episode of "Founder Friday" here at Black Armor Helmets.

"Before a track weekend, it's always best to make lists and set aside time to ensure that you car is up to task. Change the oil, change/check gearbox and diff oil, check wiring connectors, check and tighten suspension bolts, bleed brakes, etc. We do these things to ensure that we get the most out of our weekends by keeping the car on track and at speed during each session, instead of being sidelined from a mechanical failure that could have been prevented the night before in the garage.

Our safety gear should be treated the same way. Store your racecar outdoors? Check your belts for sun fading and fraying. Nylon degrades with sunlight, fuels, and use. Same with window nets and right side nets. Your racing suit may be hanging in the closet for much of the year, but it still needs to be cleaned with proper detergent and checked for holes. Your suit is designed to help reduce the risk of injury from fire, as well as keep you comfortable to perform at your best when you're not on fire! Your helmet should be air-dried after each session to keep the funky smells away and not degrade the liner and pads. I like to keep my visor open and set it down in a safe spot after getting out of the racecar, pointing the opening towards the oncoming breeze to help air it out. Helmet Dryers also work great for this. Our Black Armor Helmets have removable padding that simply pull out with Velcro, so you can wash them after a long racing weekend. We like to use a little mild detergent in the sink, squishing them out like a sponge, in cold water and set them on the counter to dry. Your spouse won't mind, we promise.

The sun is shining here in Texas and it's time to hit the road to your favorite racetrack, autocross pad, or kart track. Make the best of this nice weather by being prepared ahead of time.


Go fast, and be safe!

James Wilson


Black Armor Helmets

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