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Founder Friday - May 4, 2018

May the Fourth Be With You!

Annoying and campy, but it sure is fun to have something in common to laugh about around the office this Friday, May 4th. It's rainy and cold here in Austin, Texas here next to Circuit of the Americas, where the NASA Texas racing group is out testing and racing this weekend leading up to the NASA National Championships later in the year. While not really a typical Texas race day, it's always a great opportunity to get some wet-weather practice in. Driving in the rain is a talent that requires a lot of seat-of-the-pants feel, consistent focus. On the equipment side, nothing beats a fresh set of wiper blades, Rain-X on the windscreen, and of course treaded rain tires.

Your helmet is still keeping you safe in a rain race or practice session, but now has some unique challenges-- how to keep the shield and glasses from fogging! We have a few tricks here at Black Armor that helps when things get wet:

1.  Use an anti-fog product. Sounds simple, right? You can use any commercially-available treatment like Fog-X, Optix Plus, etc and wipe it on the inside of your visor and your glasses.

2.  Use our Breath Deflector! Yep, we make that too. Your Chin Cape that comes mounted on the bottom of the chin guard can be removed and mounted on the upper position on the top of the chin guard, directing your hot breath downward. Simply wiggle it loose from it's mount (it's just friction-fit), and carefully install it the other direction from the top, being mindful to center it on the assembly and ensure that the shield gasket is not pinched. If you don't have your chin cape anymore, you can find them here:

3. Use a Forced Air assembly. All of our full face helmets are set up to accept Forced Air from the top or sides. Fresh air circulation helps reduce fogging. In an open cockpit car, the Top Scoop can direct air right onto the driver's face and inner shield. Our other Accessories can be found here:

4. Keep your visor open slightly. But we always say, VISORS DOWN! Yes, that is true, but in a pinch you can race with your visor open a few millimeters to allow for additional airflow. Your helmet was actually designed in such a way so that in the event of an impact, your visor will snap shut and lock in place.


I hope your weekend smells of rubber and race fuel, get out there and race safely!

James Wilson


Black Armor Helmets 

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