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Founder Fridays

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Happy Friday, #CarbonArmy! For this month we are introducing "Founder Fridays", where you'll catch up with news and musings from the Founder of Black Armor Helmets, James Wilson.

"Racing has been a passion of mine since childhood. Since having two big crashes in 2017, it's been tough for me to not be in a racecar. This is almost inevitable in auto racing, and while it's no fun, preparing yourself now can aide in the recovery process later. Post-crash recovery involves several aspects-- physical, mental/emotional, and financial.

On the physical side, injuries small and large can make bouncing back from a crash and getting back to work a chore. Your primary care doctor and physical therapist know what's best, and are there to aide in your recovery. Listen to them! Online medical sources are NOT going to give you the care that you need that only a doctor can. Your doctor can also assist with notes for work or school that can give you the rest you need and time to recover. Your racing sanctioning body may also have an insurance program to assist with medical costs associated with your crash, be sure to save all of your paperwork from the moment you are rolled into Medical at the racetrack, until your last doctor's appointment. 

While recovering physically, taking time to mend on the mental/emotional side will help with after-affects that may be experienced, including forms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You may not want to be back in a racecar right away, but working with your mental healthcare provider or therapist can assist with working through your concerns or issues. Let them know what you are feeling and experiencing, and be sure to not to hold things back. Tell them your plans for being back in the driver's seat, and develop a strategy that will help cope with any emotional trauma that you may be experiencing from your wreck. Don't be a "tough guy"! 

Of course many of us focus on the financial aspect of a crash that hits the pocketbook hard. There's often transport and storage costs associated with a crashed racecar, as well as scheduling repair work and coinciding with your racing schedule. Take a look at how it impacts your budget; you may find that fixing the car may cut out future races, but getting back on track before the next season may allow finances to catch up. Missing races are no fun, but the savings in travel, entry, fuel, tires, etc may mean that your racecar gets the attention it deserves to be safely repaired, and ready to go racing down the road.

As always, with safety equipment, they are generally designed to do their job ONCE. That is, unlike your body, safety belts and helmets are not self-healing! Thoroughly inspect all of your equipment after a crash, even a small one. Take advantage of manufacturer programs to inspect, recertify, and replace crashed equipment. You can often have your seatbelts re-webbed (or replaced), your Head and Neck Restraint Device recertified, and your helmet inspected after a crash to ensure that they will be up to the task to protect you again. Black Armor Helmets offers free inspection services, and has worked with drivers to replace helmets and parts to get them back on track. Lean on the expertise of the manufacturers, and when in doubt, replace it anyway. It's cheaper than a medical deductible, and YOU are worth more than a little bit of money."


James Wilson

Black Armor Helmets

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