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About Us

As a company owned and managed by racing drivers, not investors, our motivation is refreshingly different: produce helmets and gear that exceed expectations in safety, comfort, and durability. We inject our experience into every design feature to ensure that YOU get what you need as a driver, and innovate to improve the racing experience with the latest concepts in functionality. Our helmets are not designed to be the ultimate lightest, nor contain every single option imaginable, or be the least expensive, or be in every store. Our helmets are designed to combine the best elements into a versatile package that brings you home safely to your family after the checkered flag, for professionals and club racers alike.

We sell direct and through very select trackside representatives to ensure that our products reach the end user at the best value possible. We choose not to advertise, but let our customers share their experiences and let the products themselves do the talking! This combination allows us to keep our overhead low, maintain our product value, and look ahead to product development to make drivers safer.

Black Armor Helmets is proudly based in central Texas; we look forward to hearing about your racing endeavors and having your be a part of our Carbon Army!

Our Facility

Black Armor Helmets and our Registered Research & Development Company The Motorsports Product Group LLC relocated to Del Valle, Texas across the street from the Circuit of the Americas, a Grade 1 FIA racetrack that currently hosts the Formula 1 US Grand Prix. Our new facility features LED lighting and energy-efficient HVAC systems to continue our commitment to reducing waste and carbon footprint. We also have an extensive recycling program, and have a goal for Zero Landfill Waste by the end of 2018.


Note: Snell SA2015 Certifications go live on October 1, 2015.  The current Snell SA ratings are SA2005, SA2010/SAH2010 and SA2015, and are valid for most sanctioning bodies for a period of 10-15 years. Some sanctioning bodies will not permit SA2005 helmets to be used past 1/1/2016 (and most not after 1/1/2017) for road racing and rally applications, please consult your rulebook or tech official.


Motorsports is inherently dangerous.  Our products are warrantied against defects in workmanship but not for abnormal wear, abuse, neglect, customization (including drilling, painting, and modifying), accidental drops, etc.  Always wear your helmet snugly and chin strap properly fastened.  Always inspect your safety gear for wear or damage before and after use.  You may send us your helmet after an accident or incident for inspection; do not reuse.  Snell and/or FIA independently certify that our products meet their initial tests and random sampling, our liability does not extend beyond the conditions of which these tests are performed.


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