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Frequently Asked Questions

Which model should I choose?

 -- Always check with your racing or riding sanctioning body as to their requirements for helmet certifications.  For most sedan and enclosed cockpit racecars, the Circuit and Aero models offer great cooling and ventilation. If you also race indoor or outdoor karts and open cockpit racecars, then the Aero model is ideal.  Open face models are not recommended for road racing but may offer additional ventilation and features for Rally, offroad, and autocross applications. Each of our auto racing models have adjustable velcro padding for eyeglasses and sunglasses. For motorcycle racing, we offer the Moto12K and Moto8K models in a Snell M2015 certification. Our Motorcrosser is great for dirt offroad riding as well as BMX-style racing. For leisure or commute riding, any of our motorcycle models will keep you safe, cool, and look great while cruising on your ride!

What size do I need?

-- Measure about 1" above the driver's eyebrows, the entire circumference along the widest part of the head.  Helmets should fit snugly and not rotate in any direction when worn correctly and the chin strap secure. Many folks choose a helmet that is too large to safely reduce risk of injury during a crash; when in doubt, tighter is better!  We also have different thickness cheek pads for the best fit of all of your unique facial structures as well. Our sizes are generally as follows:



Hat Size


54-55 cm

6½ - 6¾


55-56 cm

6⅞ - 7


57-58 cm

7⅛ - 7¼


59-60 cm

7⅜ - 7½


61-62 cm

7⅝ - 7⅞


63-64 cm

7⅞ - 8


Will my Head and Neck Restraint anchors fit?

--  All of our auto racing helmets are pre-installed with M6 head and neck restraint base anchors, ready to thread in HANS, Simpson, NecksGen, and other SFI and FIA approved systems. These have been standardized for the SA2015, EA2016, and FIA8859 models.

Does this shield fit the model I have?

-- All of our auto racing shield fit all of our open face helmets, and both carbon and ABS peak visors from our Rally and Solo helmets also fit our full face couldn't be easier!  One part fits all models!

What size Tear-Off fits your shields?

--We have found the Ultrashield #1280 tear-off (12-3/8") and Racing Optics #10205C tear-off fits well and is recommended by our customers. The posts are adjustable on a cam, so you can adjust tension for best laydown and stack. Feel free to experiment with other brands and sizes, each application is different, especially if you have a car with dirty air or buffetting issues at high speed.

What does each model weigh?

-- Each model has a different weight in each size, as the shells are different sizes and may have more or less padding or accessories installed.  For a published range of weights, please see each model description.  We build safe and comfortable helmets for every racer and rider, and always err on the side of maximum safety over absolute lightness.

 Are spare parts readily available?

--  Yes!  Visor hardware, chin straps, gasket material, cheek pads, halo liners, decals, and Nomex and/or CarbonX cloth pieces are all available to keep and maintain your Black Armor Helmet in top shape. 

Where can I try on Black Armor Helmets in person?

-- Our helmets are available at our Retail store in Georgetown, Texas; through our Dealers and Distributors at their physical retail stores, and can be found trackside at most major races across the country. In 2018, we require all of our Dealers and Distributors to carry each size and model in stock, to better assist the end users with in-person fitment and availability.

Where do you ship from?

-- We do our best to ship same-day from Georgetown,Texas. We use UPS Ground for most shipments, and USPS for lighter weight packages. While our shipping rates are static in your Shopping Cart, they typically cost us much more to ship on our end...we're happy to share while we can! Please contact us for special shipping quotes, rates may vary especially when shipping International or expedited services.

How soon will I receive my helmet?

--If you order direct, your helmet will ship within (1) business day of the order being placed (For Standard, In-Stock inventory). Please contact us for lead times on special orders or custom up-fittings.

   USPS Shipping Cut-off: 12:00 pm Central Time (USA)
   UPS Ground Shipping Cut-off: 3:00 pm Central Time (USA)
   All Other Shipping: 2:00 pm Central Time (USA)

 What about Sponsorships?

-- We receive many requests daily for "sponsorships" from drivers and teams. We love seeing the many different types of racers interested in our product line!  The best way to get the most out of your racing dollar is to choose the right product that fits within your budget, and one way we help keep our prices in an appropriate range is to keep our costs in check. We're very happy to send decals and other swag with your order upon request, but at this time, our best "sponsorship" is offering great products at the right value for everyone.

For more information on sponsorships, email:

What is your Return Policy?

--  Helmets are serious pieces of motorsports safety equipment, which one day may reduce injury or save the life of a racer or rider. We do not accept any helmet return that has been worn for racing or riding, but will do our best to provide the best customer service possible to Repair and Remedy any issue that may arise due to Manufacturer Defect.  As found on the order summary page, if the helmet does not fit and has not been worn beyond simple try-on period, we will replace with a different size and/or exchange padding at no additional cost beyond ground shipping.  Refunds for any reason are subject to a 20% restocking fee. (Please email for further questions about our policy)

What is your Cancellation Policy? (Applies to Wholesale Customers)

--  Orders, once place by customer, may be cancelled within 72 hrs with express written authorization by Black Armor Helmets. After that time, if the customer still wants to cancel their order a 20% cancellation fee will be applied. If the order has already shipped, then freight costs and cancellation fees will be applied to any refunds.

Where are your helmets manufactured?

--  Black Armor Helmets and our research & development branch The Motorsports Product Group recently relocated to Georgetown, Texas. Our new facility features LED lighting and energy-efficient HVAC systems to continue our commitment to reducing waste and carbon footprint. We also have an extensive recycling program, and have a goal for Zero Landfill Waste by the end of 2019. Our products are assembled at this facility from globally and domestically-sourced components.