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Motorsports Safety Technology

Snell Memorial Foundation technical papers, test parameters, and Black Armor Helmet's commitment to the cutting edge in Motorsports Safety Technology.

Snell Testing Procedures:

SA2015 Standard (Effective October 1, 2015)

EA2016 Standard (Effective October 1, 2016)


History of Black Armor Helmets EA2016 helmet design 


Snell Notes on Helmet Modification:

Cosmetic changes to certified headgear are permissible. Such changes are generally limited to marking or trimming the headgear with manufacturer approved paint or tape. Otherwise, modifications to certified headgear effectively create new configurations which shall not have the confidence and certification of the Foundation until properly evaluated. Manufacturers must not place the Foundation's certification label in any modified headgear without the Foundation’s written authorization.
The Foundation recommends that helmet owners not modify or contract with someone else to modify their helmets. Any structural modification may adversely affect a helmet's protective capability. The Foundation’s certification and, quite likely, all manufacturer warranties apply to the headgear only in its as manufactured condition." - Snell Memorial Foundation, SA2015.




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