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High optical quality 3mm poly carbonate shields for our Auto Full Face auto racing helmets.

Fire & Impact Resistant - "shields down for safety!"

Our Clear and Amber shields are made with pride in Wisconsin, USA with more tints and finishes coming soon!

NOTE: These are NOT polarized lenses.

Light and Dark Smoke will be back in stock soon as our subcontractors ramp up production during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tear-Off Size - Click here to order: Ultrashield #1280 tear-offs (12-3/8")



With a soft cloth, lightly wipe off any grime (e.g. dead insects, dirt, sand, dust etc.), from the shield and then fully wipe it clean using a dry soft cloth. When the shield gets wet (e.g. rainwater), it should always be wiped with a soft cloth afterwards. After the helmet has been cleaned, stow it away and store on a solid level surface as the helmet may be damaged if it rolls around of falls to the ground. When cleaning the shield, never use any petroleum-based solvents or detergents containing abrasives. Apply some common PH-neutral detergent diluted with clear water using a soft cloth and wipe gently. Finally, wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth. Tinted and dark shields are not to be used at night or under any poor visibility conditions as they reduce transmitted light to the user. At times, when blinded by oncoming vehicles head lights or in strong rain, you may wish to remove the visor. however the shield is designed so that it can be raised but not fully removed in use.


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